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A Thousand Faces of Adventure

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A Thousand Faces of Adventure Is a Narrative Board Game...

...about gathering at a table with your friends and creating an improvisational story, where one of you plays the GM, who has narrative authority over the world and events, and the rest of you play characters being challenged by and exploring this world, even creating parts of it!

The players' goal is to build their characters from scrappy adventurers into heroes with the courage to trigger world-saving change, while the GM earns points by walking the story through each step of The Hero's Journey.

A Role-Playing Game That's a Board Game

A Board Game That's a Role-Playing Game

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A Thousand Faces of Adventure is a game about a party of fate-tempting adventurers becoming champions of their own Hero's Journey, in the dangerous kingdoms of a swords-and-magic fantasy realm. There are castle infiltrations, earthshaking discoveries, monster battles, sinful indulgences, secret loyalties, promises, paybacks, and deaths.

Unlike other swords & sorcery role-playing games, it...

...challenges players to master its system not by reading hundreds of pages, but by exploring its board game dynamics

...softens the learning curve by splitting the rules across 3 sessions

...uses blanks as a design element to let players know where they have full control

...encourages improvisation by specifically instructing the GM to ask questions of players

...reduces player components down to just a deck of cards and some tokens

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